In life,finding the Mr Right or Mrs right better half remains a challenge to many of us.Hence,this can land you to situations that are beyond your control either to your advantage or the other way round.Supposedly, you happens to land to the wrong partner and realises that it can’t workout?You can wait for the right time and decide that it’s not the end of the road and get married again.Being married again mostly comes with a bunch of problems that might even be more than the ones that costed your previous marriage. It takes prayers, commitment,unity and willingness to make it work. Friends,family members and neighbours becomes another headache trying to make you give up,if you lend them your ears everything goes down the drain.On the other hand,the ex partners now becomes more interested in you just to try to drag you out of the relationship. Being married again life requires so much wisdom to work,it’s not wrong to get married again.

If you happen to get married to a partner who came from a previous marriage and maybe had kids from the previous relationship,much perseverance is greatly needed.Almost everyone discourages you and tries to prove that you won’t make it.

Another big challenge is creating a love bond to the kids who maybe knows they have another mother or good for you,they don’t.You have to make sure you create a great bond that not even their real mother can break.You give them the motherly love that they were lacking and if you successfully wins their heart,that will be a great advantage for you.

Getting married again comes with so much sacrifices.Temptations becomes a daily meal with everyone being against you.If you are to take that path,put everything in consideration because it’s not an easy task.Questions like,”did I really make the right decision?” I’m I gonna make it?” Keeps running your mind oftenly.Don’t worry,take it easy and have someone you can talk to.

Winding up,giving yourself another chance ain’t a has to continue and failing in the first marriage is not the end of the road,if you feel you reached the end of the rope,tie a knot and climb up because it’s never too late to start again.Best wishes